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Introduction to Substance Use Disorder ~ available now!

This free introductory course will highlight the complex nature of Substance Use Disorder using the layered onion model, categories of different substances and their effects, introduce recovery capital, mutual aid and list the 10 most important things to know about addiction. Click Here To Access


Applying Psychosocial Interventions ~ available now!

Moving beyond simply introducing different psychosocial interventions, this short course gives practitioners direct advice on how to tailor which intervention and when using real world examples. Course content includes: Different models of change, Assessment, Utilizing Maslows hierarchy of needs,  Motivational Interviewing, CBT, Node Link Mapping, Mutual Aid and provides a range of tools which can be used at differing points in the service users treatment journey. Click Here to Access


The Pharmacology of Addiction ~ available now!

This short course gives practitioners an understanding of how drugs work in the body but underpins the theory of specific, real world examples of how this impacts on treatment journeys for service users. Course content includes: Key brain regions, key neurotransmitters and how they impact, mechanisms of action, tolerance, types of cravings, pharmacotherapies, the effect of different interventions on the brain and more. Click Here to Access


Co-Existing Mental Health Problems and SUD - available now!

What came first, the substance use or the mental health problem? What is treated first or do we need to approach co-existing mental health problems differently? Formerly known as 'Dual Diagnosis' this module includes content looking at 2017 UK legislation, common co-morbidities, medication choices and importantly interacting effects of different medications and illicit drugs. Click Here to Access


Cannabis:Journey Through the Known Unknowns ~ available now!

It seems like every day we are presented with a 'legalize it' promo or social media promoting cannabis as the miracle cure for all known disease but how much do you know? How many cannabinoids are in marijuana? Do you know what Terpenes are? How many models of legalization can you name and what are the common psychosocial factors in cannabis users that can be targeted for effective treatment? All this plus reading on synthetic cannabinoids (legal highs) in this e-presentation Click Here to Access


Alcohol: Body and Mind - available now!

Alcohol harms are widely reported but how much about alcohol do you know? Do you know it acts on cannabinoid receptors? Do you know what the danger timeline is for risk of seizures in dependent individuals? This course gives an overview of alcohol from a harm reduction perspective as well as equipping practitioners with practical guidance on working with those with an alcohol use disorder. Click Here to Access




Coming Next 2017 SUD and Homelessness ~ Oxytocin:When Love, Hate (and Addiction) Collide






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