Service Audit and Segmentation

Service audits are a way for a third party to independently and without bias identify strengths, areas of development and form an evaluation of efficacy within a treatment system. Is your model optimised for current evidence based practice? Is your treatment system still practicing outdated time limited Opiate Substitution Therapy and reducing people off of prescriptions? Is your model focused solely on medications management but struggling to provide increasing caseload numbers with the psychosocial intervention required to support a sustained recovery? Contact Us to see how we can help you improve your outcomes for both service and service user by increasing your effective treatment.


Segmentations are recommended as part of the NICE 2016 Guideline updates in the UK. They allow for phased and layered intervention provision and supports the 'right intervention at the right time' hypothesis. When segmentation is delivered professionally it can identify training needs and development opportunities throughout an entire treatment system ensuring that a joined up approach to health and social care improves successful treatment outcomes for the substance use service whilst retaining those in treatment who have more basic needs. Segmentation can be done as part of a wider service audit or as a standalone procedure. Contact Us for more information.

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